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Date 2016/7/18 12:03:07 | Topic: Nice Attack Hoax

Having good reasons not to believe the authenticity of many recent attacks and seeing what appears to be a CPR dummy in the very first footage of the aftermath taken from Nice it is hard not to conclude at least a similarity to some recent and very blatant fake attacks including those which are genuine but fabricated from the inside.

The possibility of combining both real casualties with fake ones is worth considering if the objective includes the obfuscation of evidence. There appears to be a tendency from the perpetrators of psy-ops to wait for what the alternative media begins pointing at, and then fabricate evidence accordingly.

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2 of the locations mostly photographed and filmed with bodies are a and b (which by the way are more than 1 kilometer appart) while the truck stops at location c under a hundred meters ahead of b.

A lot of explaining would have to be done in a world where the truth matters at all.

Notice the man with one arm clean and clearly detached from the bloodied torso. Is it a compressed artifact from the video? Perhaps.
During these attacks there are obvious problems such as the ratio of deaths to those injured, the ratio purported by the media so far would be consistent only with airplane disasters where injured survivors are the minority. Moreover the amount of blood marks and damage to the front of the lorry truck is inconsistent with even far fewer victims hit at 100 km/h.
I will not go into detail because while the above is not conclusive, having already concluded fabrication and inside job from even the very recent Orlando, Brussels and Paris attacks something more important is at stake.

Rather I want to show that perhaps the conclusion of the specific attack is less important than the effect it has on those truly responsible to serve and protect.
It is unfortunate that for the last couple of decades me and countless others lay or retired officials have had the moral obligation to denounce something that the official authorities should be truly engaging in, and the fact that there are reasons to doubt their efficiency and accountability is a tragedy in itself.
This tragic situation leads to more suspicion and in turn less moral incentive for those concerned to fulfill their mission to inform, protect and serve.

This, at least to me, is not surprising since as a premise I see this as a fallen, ever more fragmenting world (but don't despair, this dark background makes the good shine with more contrast even if less of it).
The most loathed target to destroy is the good, the true, the beautiful and the life, this sounds corny until you realize that these are usually well known faces of God by many religions and philosophies, one understanding of God is that He is not mocked and, to the horror of all of us humans: ultimately just.

The enemy in many instances appears to be nothing but a natural consequence of humanity being fascinated by the opposites: The evil, the lies, the horrible and the death evident in what abounds in most popular media, a media increasingly pressured to lure consumers and sell a cheaper product since almost all of it is freely available for stealing.

What conspiracy theorists are loathed for is the same in those who hate them, they are becoming that horrible face at which they are staring, those who are not into conspiracy theories are only a little worst, Medusa has already mesmerized them into a stone that doesn't want to be bothered.

The exception to this are those who heed to a call that I am increasingly convinced is the only way out:
"...what is that to you? follow me!" John 21:22
The truth is better at exposing the lies rather than collecting and analyzing lies, especially today when there are so many and frequent, one is drowned without a lamp to shine on them and scatter them out like cockroaches.

This article shows who benefits from this psy-op, those who payed for a radicalized trojan horse policy of European inmigration.

Fernando Tognola

This article comes from 9 11 truth Switzerland

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