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False Flag! : London Parliament Hoax
2017/5/23 12:23:15

London Combined Disasters

The London Combined Disasters Illuminati Card game appropriately shows the correct time of the combined London Parliament terror attacks but only 22 years earlier: The card game was released in 1995, and it is by far not the first time these cards have played a trick on our minds.

On a more serious tone though:
Although it is very early to tell, the pattern of false flags and more recently staged attacks is here:

Of all witnesses none took immediate (reasonably good quality) pictures at the crowded events and not one is leaked many hours after the attacks. Pedestrians, passengers in the buses, even in Mexico good quality pictures and even selfies abound in situations that don't even merit uploading, let alone graphic footage leaks on the deep web.

Most truth loving websites are by now too embarrassed and bullied to call a hoax too early, perhaps as a genuine concern for their reputation and prudence. But here I wonder, even I, traveling in France, heard on the radio a red alert for terror attacks minutes before the event.

Really? Broadcasting continent wide threats just minutes before the event?

This obviously fake event on March 22, 2017 at the Parliament in London is also a spring equinox ritual anniversary of the March 22, 2016 false flag terrorist attack in Belgium.

Stayed tuned for a retraction and apology, if ever, it will be the first after consistently calling many for what they are for many years first, not with pride, but with horror; the not-faked horror of seeing this kind of lying and mostly successful maintenance of the zombie population in a small remnant group of those who even care anymore.


Fernando Tognola

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