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Orlando Hoax : Pulse Nightclub Shooting
2016/6/12 22:20:00

(videos are frequently updated or changed)

First, if anyone has doubts about the possibility that governments and media in Europe and the US would be engaging in faking or causing terror operations to terrorize you ( in other words themselves engaging in terrorism and high treason) please watch this following video about Sandy Hook elementary School shooting and I guarantee proof of a broad conspiracy:

I pray for even the guilty so that I do not partake in the pleasures of condemnation, an orgy of spite that the truth movement has welcomed for some years now, and God save us from even the best becoming our judge, shooting less straight than a drunk toddler with a shotgun to the Jews, Muslims, or Catholics while the real enemy happened to be the one all had in common: that old serpent.

Yet, the guilty, within the media and governments should be put away for good in a world where some semblance of order and justice exists, instead the Eiffel tower will be dressed with the gay flag projecting a rainbow, perhaps they should parade some pink tanks at Orlando now that the US military leadership is openly gay.


We have 53 wounded, 50 dead:

How many 40 round magazines for his AR-15 did he carry?

It is necessary then bullet reaches each person only once without missing one shot. (That one bullet per person had to kill every other person!)

In such a ridiculously impossible scenario but for the sake of the argument he would have had to reload twice a 40 round magazine, the longest and heaviest version...

But none attempted to tackle him?

If they were scared, a little alcohol didn't help? Looking for a fight at a diner's breakfast usually takes longer than at a nightclub. Besides, I heard that gay people like to be fit and strong, so:

53 wounded?
50 dead?

Excuse my lack of apology: LOL

This Pulse LGB Nightclub scam is showing little of a very familiar trend with crisis actors, fake wounded, civilians playing doctor, etc. The goal seems diabolic: provocation, division, suspicion and madness. Who benefits from chaos?

It takes 3 seconds to take a video with a smartphone and a few seconds to upload.

This is ridiculous and I haven't felt like convincing any-one much anymore even since Sandy-hoax.

This treacherous world has most everyone asleep. The war on the good and the true has succeeded in breaking its moral for the past century, this one it is breaking the mind.

The evidence at Orlando is its lack of it, considering these modern days if one reads my article on the Paris hoax attacks written a few hours after it broke " link here will see what I mean.

This would be funny if it were not very, very serious... people who are awake: please be sharp, clean your soul and pray, things cannot deteriorate much more, or so I thought since Boston, yes, it is that bad.

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