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Paris Hoax : The photographs of victims used by mainstream media were staged blocks away from Bataclan.
2015/12/4 9:58:37

Paris Hoax : Eagles of Death Metal Drummer Incriminates Himself
2015/12/1 17:19:47

The drummer ducks before his own hair bounced back from the previous hit at the symbals and first gun shot...

These attacks have all the red flags of drills going live where people get killed either on the staged locations or rather in the places where the blame has been placed at, like Syria.
If you do not believe the following first check with a musician, (and not even a very good one) who will tell you that such fast reaction is impossible without foreknowledge.

I have seen a lot of evidence, much of it is silly from both the sleeping and truthers alike.

The one thing I believe cannot be defended at all is the time the drummer takes from the moment the first shot is fired to duck for cover.

I count the reaction of not more than one second for the drummer to:

Discern the sound and threat of gunfire, regardless of:

The sound of his own monitors, drums and snares which he is hitting rather hard.
Perhaps the sound of some unplanned firecracker going off from the audience.
The sound of an amp blowing up.

None of the above are reason enough to stop playing, in fact quite the contrary, musicians know this.

Furthermore the discernment, if genuine, should have included visual cues, gun fire muzzle flash would be unrecognizable when the stage is flooded with flickering lights aimed at the stage and in this case the yellow lamps from behind down to the stage creating contrast and reflection from the floor and symbals.

Musicians acknowledge this kind of light is very annoying and the visibility is minimal: The drummer is obliged to keep a peripheral view of his drums allowing himself to glance at the bass player for cues, the audience is barely visible if at all.

Although gunfire is surprisingly loud to most people here we are talking about a heavy-metal drummer slamming at his own drums with supposedly no idea of what is going on and reacting the very next second after the first shot.

If he is reasonably focused on keeping the beat ( it is not as easy as most people think but admittedly perhaps this kind of trash wouldn't require much) he could not have seen even a faint silhouette of a threat.

We see the first few spectators realizing something is up while the drummer has had 4 long seconds to get off the drums and duck behind for cover.

Here the drummer hits the symbal exactly at the first gun shot and immediatly ducks before his own hair bounced back!

The only thing that can beat that time reaction for cover is the shock-wave of a huge bomb blast, in that case people start running before they even think, its automatic. It is clearly not the case here.

Some people have even tried to explain this away by claiming that the drummer was wounded, but this is false, he was interviewed only a few days after the event.

The drummer says on that interview:

" I think what really shocked me at first was that we are a loud rock band, you know?
The power of the band on the stage, is hard to trump and the initial shots were so powerful for me that I immediatly uh, I knew something was wrong , I kind of bail off my stool almost immediatly , the gun powder hit my nose ...."


Anyway, the whole interview is here

Fernando Tognola
Geneva Switzerland

Paris Hoax : CPR Puppet , a Manikin is the suicide bomber at Comptoir Voltaire attack
2015/12/1 11:21:43

Attentats de paris - Un mananequin détecté au Comptoir Voltaire / Paris attacks - A manikin shown at Comptoir Voltaire

The reason a CPR manikin has a clicking sound is because, according to the patent description:

"To give the user of the manikin instant feedback about proper hand placement while administering CPR, the sound-generating assembly can be placed into a small compartment directly below the center of the manikin's chest (e.g., the mid-sternum of a human). The sound-generating assembly can be a mechanical and/or electrical device adapted to produce an audible signal or sound (e.g., a click) and/or a visual indication or signal in response to proper chest compressions. For example, if the user places the heel of his/her hand in this spot and compresses the manikin's torso to the proper depth, the sound generating assembly produces an audible sound or “click” with each compression. If improper technique is used (e.g., poor hand location and/or insufficient compressions), then no sound is generated. In an embodiment, a sound can be generated signaling that proper force was used at the appropriate location, while another sound is generated indicating that an incorrect amount of force was used and/or the location was incorrect."

The following video shows the type of CPR dummy used:

Paris Hoax : Drill Gone Live
2015/11/30 10:06:55

...in Paris most people have mobile phones, just like in Nairobi, Kenya...

english translation at the end of the article...

14 hours after these November Friday the 13th 2015 attacks we have no more than 2 very compressed and very short videos which in proportion to the numbers reported of more than one hundred killed no graphic evidence of victims photographed by any of the thousands of mobile phones are available, not even at the stadium.

Some of the photographs showing victims are white blankets, a few scratched people, and a few terror attacks from different events, perhaps those of the weeks-long prepared multiple shootings simulations programmed for that very day "exercises sur des attentats fusillade mulisites" admited by French mainstream but calling it a frightful coincidence "une coincidence effroyable".

Pierre Carli interviewed by France 5 said it seemed incredible but nevertheless, like all French mainstream proceded to water down the redflag coincidence to fortunate and convenient because emergency services were well prepared.
No word on where exactly those "multisites" were supposed to take place.

The stadium explosions photographic evidence so far have nothing but three smokeless sound blasts where the actual actual detonation locations are impossible to find from any available media. Remember this is being written 14 hours after the attacks.

The video above is of a witness of the attack at a restaurant explaining "in french" that she only heard things and didn't see anything because it was durning the night, and what seems like an apologetic giggle in the end.

I caution not to read here that there were no victims and that it is all fake, but following through this article one is forced to conclude in comparison to other genuine attacks in history even before the availability of handheld devices of today.

The 1981 assassination Anwar Sadat is a good pre Internet example which although it was televised, the same holds true at the televised football match.

warning graphic content:
Assassination Anwar Sadat 1981. So especially to be compared are the photographs taken by more modern devices of 2013 during the Westgate shopping mall shootout in Nairobi.

Following is the kind of media you get (warning very graphic content)
on a true terrorist shooting, when mobile phones posted images and video even as the attacks were happening at the Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya. The attack resulted in 67 deaths including 4 attackers and 200 wounded.

But in Paris, there were more than twice the number of dead at the Westgate siege, 3 times the wounded, and, do I have to say, that even during the darkness of the night in Paris there is a lot of electric light and most people have very modern high resolution mobile devices, at least just like in Nairobi, Kenya.
With three times the dead and wounded and many times the dense population in night Paris, much more would have been expected by now.

There is a very coordinated effort on part of the media worldwide to be "prudent", but lets not confuse that with secrecy, considering the nature of these events it is laughable that the media only recently peddled propaganda to be bought at face value, bullying into shameful silence in the name of discretion and respect for the victims.

This appears to be the agenda, a bunch of bullies fear-mongering the rightly insulted intelligence of the public for a few years since Sandy Hook.

I take great care in stating the above only as an opinion because of the timing, because it is alternative media that appears to be the target along with a dishonest implementation of policy.

This is not new:

But since the Internet is around this amount of fake news represents extreme optimism on the part of a bully to get away with it all.

* Clip translation

A:...no, I was at the restaurant at,hmm, there ,uh, Rue (street) Faidherbe

Q: oh, ok,


0:06 A: And ,mm, so there we were calmly dining

and then all of a sudden we started to think that there were firecrackers
because we knew that could normally happen this night,

but in fact we started to realize that
there were shots being fired constantly, everybody dropped to the ground
0:20 and some people started to scream, just to my side there was this 0:25
little girl in panic,

0:25 hmms...

0:28And so we realized it was a shooting (taking place)

and we heard people yelling to get out but I was on the ground,
we realized there were people dead or wounded maybe,0:37
(because?)I saw some people on the ground, then, anyway,
there were emergency services arriving , and hm, happened very fast...

Q: Could you see, or hear other's identify a suspect?

A: No, we didn't see anything at all, because in fact it was, hmm, it was (at) night, therefore it was a bit complicated, and as I explained, (...) after a few minutes we were told that we could exit that there was no further danger and so at that moment we could see

Q: Thank you

A: (...) so it (...)the temptative, (giggles)

Q: Thank you Camille for your...(end of clip)

Operation Gladio:

Fernando Tognola
Geneva Switzerland

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