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911 truth Switzerland : School shooting massacre of children in Connecticut, prediction and the satanic ritual conspiracy
2012/12/15 16:50:00

911 truth Switzerland : Denver cinema shooting prediction in Illuminati card, Batman comic, the satanic conspiracy
2012/11/14 20:10:00

911 truth Switzerland :
2012/8/23 16:50:00
Al Amarja Card of The 1995 Illuminati Card Game, Al Amarja is an imaginary island of secrets and conspiracies.
Al Amarjans practice just about any religion from Christian Science to human sacrifice. They include Satanists and "Sommerites", religiously oriented fans of rock star Karla Sommers. There is only one official but multi-religious temple in Al Amarja

Denver Aurora Cinema shooting Illuminati card game

Aurora Batman Shooting Conspiracy Theories Linked To DC Comic Strip, the Illuminati Card Game, and the London Olympics.

The killer ready to hang himself looks at his melting watch, quite appropriately showing the time of the beginning of the shooting.

Note the color of the jacket is the one usually chosen to depict the hanged man in tarot cards and is also Batman's Joker favorite garment.

Denver Aurora Cinema shooting Illuminati card game

If this is so, we can expect a sealed process and prosecutors calling for a grand jury and thus avoiding a public pre-trial proceedings, as it is usually done when defendants and jury have to be compromised and bought in operations of this kind.

The above can better be understood if reading a very good book by David McGowan titled:"Programmed to Kill: The Politics of Serial Murder"
These are very vague but obvious coincidences, and not the only ones, it is very hard to encourage objective and critical thinking in such, almost occult connections in names, dates and events, and yet they are as obvious as they are unbelievable.
But these events add more evidence to what is known as a black awakening, and it becomes clearer to me that what we are really dealing with here is spiritual, and not good.


I usually beat around the bush a lot to encompass as big an audience as possible, but here boldness is demanded:
The conspiracy is real and is at its core satanic, we are at war, and when-ever we are not working for The Great Commission, we become a functional part of the conspiracy.
Now having lost most of the audience, to my shame for lacking tact, I continue:

I pray for Christians to be very careful and alerted, and non-Christians to be woken up. We are dealing with mass mind control where those most vulnerable are those who lack mature discernment, especially and naturally our younger generation.
All access to become traumatized and blooded through what recently only snuff films would show, through massive disinformation and distraction, with no stops in imagery and pornography where the word perversion seems to have lost any clearly defining bounds, all that is just clicks away to even children. As if evil itself wanted to contaminate us to share the blame and keep us hostage in abusing God's loving provisions for ever.
The laws of this world seem to be loosing the battle with its chosen state religion which is a mixture of evolutionary humanism and new age mysticism, at its core black magic, and no matter how well intended, its institutions and licenses have been shattered into little pieces analogous to an individual with a broken spirit.

I believe it is at this level where restoration towards integrity is most needed, that is in the individual.

Fragmented morality and thinking follow a fragmented soul, and sin is the cause.
It makes us vulnerable to a long range of consequences, from distraction, mild anxiety and apathy all the way to hypnotic dissociation, madness and spiritual possession, and I believe no secular approach can deal successfully with it given the urgency of the present times.
The Illuminati cards have to be explained as evidence of foreknowledge if seen from a secular point of view.

Unfortunately it seems much more complicated than that, and in some cases we are not sure if they have worked for, or against the conspiracy.

We are dealing with the spiritual: But as with tarot cards, they can encourage curiosity in the occult, without prudent and transparent spirituality, one can be sidetracked into another trap: witchcraft, only to realize the cost of imprudence or disobedience was even less truth and more death. What this conspiracy infers is murder, wickedness, confusion, and all that is death oriented and what the Christian perspective defines as evil.

911 truth Switzerland : 9/11 truth Frequently asked questions
2012/8/19 0:10:00

After 9/11 questions multiplied by the thousands but the answer remained a single War on Terror, many questions don't have answers yet, the flight 93 scaled picture bellow will clearly show you how it brings more questions than answers:

United Airlines 93 crash site
Flight 93

But here are some important questions already answerd.

Q Is there any proof about 9/11?

People mean proof of 9/11 being conspiracy or the official account a lie or lies. This can be answered: airplanes were NOT the cause of the destruction of the WTC. The towers fell symmetrically at a speed impossible to achieve without pulling the resisting mass below every single floor below the impact zones of the buildings themselves. There are many more specific examples.

Converlsy, and because of what constitutes proof, the 9/11 official premises are full of contradictions, and regardless of any conclusion drawn there-after, the reasoning can only be a part of a false statement. Contradictions are some of the very few instances which formal logicians can confidently use to prove a statement to be false.

One example, that constitutes academic and scientific proof is: The towers fell at some point or another at free fall speed, available at this link with the title WTC IRREFUTABLE EVIDENCE in two paragraphs. (link broken website undergoing changes)

The only dispute to this has come from a group of followers to Simons Hack, maker of the documentary The SEPTEMBER CLUES where their main contention is :

"free fall is not an issue because if some of the video was faked,

it should follow that all videos were faked

and would not constitute reliable evidence,"

...But they fail to explain first,
why all of the videos run at the same speed?
and if they didn't fall at free fall speed, why would they want to accelerate the timeline?

These people have a cult like attitude against those who disagree with them but are exposed elegantly at this forum: http://s1.zetaboards.com/pumpitout/topic/960544/1/ on the topic Simon Shack, Killtown, Fred, Ozzy and others are WRONG; But they won't retract...

Q If it is so simple why has nothing changed in 9 years?

R that question follows most frequently as well as naturally after assuming the wrong premise and the wrong conclusion,
it is not so simple, although people usually mean factual instead of simple, what goes beyond this simple proof has compromised almost every aspect of society from economy (trillions in deficit) politics and media, and even further into philosophical and religious positions which become vulnerable if ever daring to depart from obvious truth.
Second, a lot has changed, for the first time in history a simple fact has exposed almost all official structures and established media as corrupt.

Naturally unprecedented investment on 9/11 damage control has been put in place, here it went as far as to defy common sense, scientific inquiry and due process of almost all variations of established justice and law institutions in any constitutional state.

Q What can you change, is it worth even trying, what can you accomplish?

R We may not know the answer to that question in a lifetime and a choice may be quite an individual decision based on personal moral principles which are subjected to change, for good or for worst as we grow as human beings.

But there are ever increasing numbers of people who do not underestimate the impact the 911 truth movement has had, and you can be confident it has at least put out a good fight, there is no courage when there is no compromise in truth, and there is a lot of power and courage involved in the unselfish work for justice, it cannot be faked, people notice and respect sincerity and are naturally drawn to honesty when it is time to grow.

These have been good things during these 9 years after September 11 and we expect much more, 911 truth has often been equated with material support to terrorism by authorities.

But rather it seems, it is 911 truth massive support what exposed 9/11 real terrorism within the authorities and complicity of mainstream media.

Never forget September 11 2001, we never never have.


911 truth Switzerland : Illuminati in Mexico
2012/8/9 12:20:00

Evidence of eschatological perpective of the spirit of inequity through Masonry at

Illuminati Mexico, through Freemasonry, has been established in Mexico as a secret government since Hidalgo's subversion against the Church with the help of the York Rite in the U.S.A. since the 18th century.

Benito Juarez, President of the Republic of Mexico, appointed by the Illuminati to install the masonic constitutional state after the revolution, a copy of the process of the French revolution.

Osama Bin Laden Killed on Illuminati May Day

911 truth Switzerland : United Nations exposed behind Syrian uprising
2012/8/6 18:20:00

These following mp3 audio interviews describe with clarity what the United Nations is up to, I want to encourage its URGENT dissemination and translations, although the following interviews are 2 and 4 years old, they are still sufficient in 2012 exposing the United Nations criminal world government operating at present as a synarchy within webs of layered cells.



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