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Paris Hoax : CPR Puppet , a Manikin is the suicide bomber at Comptoir Voltaire attack
2015/12/1 11:21:43

Attentats de paris - Un mananequin détecté au Comptoir Voltaire / Paris attacks - A manikin shown at Comptoir Voltaire

The reason a CPR manikin has a clicking sound is because, according to the patent description:

"To give the user of the manikin instant feedback about proper hand placement while administering CPR, the sound-generating assembly can be placed into a small compartment directly below the center of the manikin's chest (e.g., the mid-sternum of a human). The sound-generating assembly can be a mechanical and/or electrical device adapted to produce an audible signal or sound (e.g., a click) and/or a visual indication or signal in response to proper chest compressions. For example, if the user places the heel of his/her hand in this spot and compresses the manikin's torso to the proper depth, the sound generating assembly produces an audible sound or “click” with each compression. If improper technique is used (e.g., poor hand location and/or insufficient compressions), then no sound is generated. In an embodiment, a sound can be generated signaling that proper force was used at the appropriate location, while another sound is generated indicating that an incorrect amount of force was used and/or the location was incorrect."

The following video shows the type of CPR dummy used:

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