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911 truth Switzerland : United Nations slanders the Vatican
2014/3/2 2:10:00

UN, UNESCO, UNICEF, WHO, NATO, etc have been caught and exposed many times doing the very thing they accuse others of doing.


The broken chair.

Regarding the United Nations1, the free-masons2, and many other cloaks, the following broadcast is very important, Catholic Annswers interviews Austin Ruse on Feb 10, 2014:
ca140210b mp3 On a new window
from catholic.com:
http://www.catholic.com/radio/shows/t ... ons-and-the-vatican-11013

On the truth about the United Nations

Executive Intelligence Review, Satanism and witchcraft: a concern for the Vatican by Sandro Mitromaco and Ira Liebowitz 1986:

Executive Intelligence Review, Satanic midwife to
the New Age of OBE / UNESCO

Executive Intelligence Review, Satan's army's generals
expose themselves in recruitment manual.
( This is an elegant exposure of the clumsy intellectual gymnastics of the average satanist apologist) PDF

Freemasons exposed

The movie Doubt shows how the infiltration and accusations can come from very subtle spiritual forces.

A Vatican study and provisional report on New Religious Movements, composed of staff members of different dicasteries of the Holy See: the Pontifical Councils for Culture and for Interreligious Dialogue (which are the principal redactors for this project), the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples and the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity.

About 911truth.ch regarding politics and religion.

More by Austin Ruse on the U.N.
radio interview

Joan Veon (R.I.P. 2010) explains how the U.N. corrupts, destroys, and takes over sovereign nations ( *be sure to watch the second half where she clearly explains the spiritual, diabolical objectives )

a documentary that shows the direct connection between Eugenics and Planned Parenthood, today United Nation's International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) working through SRHR .

NATO UFO Human mutilation Cover Up


Documentary- The Founding Fathers of Early Sexualization - English - klagemauer.tv.mp4

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