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911 truth Switzerland : Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting hoax or ritual, Ley lines and proof
2012/12/15 23:40:00

Illuminati card Sandy Hook shooting

"One can get the same effect with dancing and drum-beating; that's what is called a 'primitive' religion. Use drugs, nowadays, and you're a hippie. Do it with sex, and you're a witch, or one of the Knights Templar. Mass participation
in an animal sacrifice has the same effect. Human sacrifice has been used in many religions,
including the Aztec cult everybody has heard about, as well as in Satanism. Modern psychologists
say that the force released is Freud's libidinal energy. Mystics call it prajna or the Astral Light.
Whatever it is, human sacrifice seems to release more of it than sex or drugs or dancing or drumbeating
or any less violent method and mass human sacrifice unleashes a ton of it..."

*Father James Augustine Muldoon from the novel
The Illuminatus trilogy by Wilson Robert Anton and Shea Robert,
* the original source that inspired the
1995 Illuminati card game

update(A staged hoax that intimidates and decieves is in its effect something that can be a ritual, so please read the high possibility of a staged hoax with no victims as fitting in the possibility of a ritual.)

A good introduction to Ley-lines is the book Antigravity and the World Grid-1987 David Hatcher Childress *2

Ley lines are believed to be electromagnetic paths of currents if one considers the basic core of this universe reduced to electromagnetism, an electric universe.
The planet has by itself a geometrical pattern of currents that has been called the electromagnetic earth grid system, this name existed even when the ideas rested as mere hypotheses and speculation.

Ley Lines on 9/11 and 14 12 2012

As I progress in the writing of this article I will show what ley hunters will see as the longest, most accurate and most significant ever, this was drawn just yesterday, and the alignment spots are no less disturbing than the horrors of yesterday's event, and you will agree, to call it by name: black magic, a ritual sacrifice with or without real victims.

During these following days I will edit or expand the current article.

But already, I give you the basics, and continue the 17th of December 2012, brace:

ley lines sonehege teotihuacan Mexico and Sandy Hook

The Google earth .kmz file with the vector and locations: The Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacán Mexico City, Sandy Hook Elementary School, and Stonehenge in perfect alignment along one vector. is available for download here

This is a 5 point Leyline of milimetric width (resolution) in 3 points, a few meters wide in all 5. There is a negative value of margin of error if the width of the line is what is considered to calculate odds, as according to Alfred Watkins, that is less than zero.*3

ley lines witchcraft black magic

Stonehenge southwest heading 287 and 3,347 miles to

ley lines Stonehenge Teotihuacan Mexico and Sandy Hook Elementary
Connecticut Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting actual door used by the killer to begin his rampage, this door and the interior had recently installed cameras,...anyway,

The same line continues 2,121 miles to Teotihuacán Pyramid of the Sun, NE of Mexico City,

ley lines witchcraft black magic
...still further 40 miles, Cuicuilco sacrificial temple is still in the same line following south to the top of Mexico City's highest southern mountain Ajusco known for UFO reported activity.

Although accurate in many ways, we need to calculate odds of related rather than random number alignment of points*1. But even with this formula the odds are beyond chance without even considering human intent.

The 9/11 ley line between flight 93 crash site, ground zero, and Oklahoma building bombing has a with of 500 meters which makes the odds much lower than one may assume.
Also one could argue that 9/11 and Oklahoma weren't related as much as ground zero and flight 93 crash site was, perhaps.

On the other hand the Murray building bombing was the biggest terrorist attack in the U.S. right before 9/11.
The fact that events, like on 9/11's ground zero and flight 93 drew the first line within minutes or hours greatly increases the odds.

At this point though, a common blind-spot is not going beyond human intent into the consideration of a very real, living and knowable spiritual realm, a realm including the existence of Evil.

warning: The objective to show these things is to point out the dangers of a spiritual realm in apparently only human affairs. The secular study of these things may tempt and lead to the practice of them ( witchcraft, magic, astrocartography etc.)
We should not dwell in occult, from a Christian Faith I have to warn people away from this evil; far from tempting to practice of these subjects, I pray rather to exhort repentance and a return to God, that His spirit lead us to a courageous AND humble rescue of our wounded Church, to heal and protect her.

*added December 17

The world basic grid for google earth
zip file containing the .kmz file and a read_me text file

You will need google earth installed in your computer:
Google earth website for free download and info

Stonehenge_Sandy_Hook_Teotihuacan.kmz is available for download here

kmz google earth satanic ley lines Beslan Jonestown Dracula Jassenovac

Ley line over 10,000 Kilometers 4 points *1 Jonestown Peoples Temple, Jassenovac, Poienari Vlad (Dracula), Beslan Massacre

kmz file available here

( this writting is being completed and in current progress)

*1 Fernando Tognola 15/12/12
Geneva Switzerland



a, A Leyline of 5 points and 0 width resolution where one of the points ( Cuicuilco sacrificial temple) is itself a connector of another straight line drawn only a few days after, of 5 points and of no with to Anton Lavey's black house which is the first of the only two official addresses of the Church of Satan*4.

b, A crop circle with the kind of Phoenix South Mountain hieroglyphs south 3.5 km shouth 235° heading from the school can bee seen on Google Earth 41°24'0.51"N 73°18'59.52"W. Crop circles are increasingly believed to be Satanic in nature. Youtube video about the Phoenix South Mountain petroglyphs.

c, The second most important address ( 41°24'33.03"N 73°18'37.98"W )of the church of Satan after San Francisco´s LaVey house is even closer to the School than the crop circle. From this address at Roosevelt Dr CT 06470 a line is drawn to the center of the school heading °66.6!

d, The movie and videogame The Dark Knight Rises (2012)shows months before the massacre a map with an area named Sandy Hook circled in red as strike zone. I could not believe it at first and had to buy an original DVD to verify it.
The movie has a school bus with children threatened by a terrorist government as the climax. Sandy Hook is the name of the School where the real attack took place. The gun control debate that followed the shooting suggests a policy making agenda.

Antigravity and the World Grid-1987 David Hatcher Childress

*3 Of-course this is only so if concluding from philosophical mathematics, which would be absurd since the universe is much more than numbers and operations.

Fire in Brazil nightclub Kiss leaves 233 dead and a new leyline to the Church of Satan

Fernando Tognola
Geneva Switzerland

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