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911 truth Switzerland : Norway massacre, the Freemasons and Anders Behring Breivik
2011/7/22 6:50:00

Proof of fabrication and crisis actors.

Freemason Anders Behring Breivik

Freemason Anders Behring Breivik
Freemason Anders Behring Breivik

If ever TV was the most dangerous place to gather information, that time may be now:

But why are the masons doing this?
Masons are used as a ring and filter for secret agendas
The sovereignty of Switzerland (p2 Lodge, Gladio Op, BIS,IMF) and most countries has been high-jacked many times through the masonic secret system, countess times in history they infiltrated, and continue to secure positions in Catholic and Christian denominations to make Christianity take the fall, members are most school directors (schools that officially matter ), banks , U.N. and government branches, corporate leaders are members but are ordered to deny this (unless specifically and rarely ordered to).
Mason apologists should listen:

"I spake openly to the world; I ever taught in the synagogue, and in the temple, whither the Jews always resort; and in secret have I said nothing (John 18:20)

As the members attain higher levels, above blue, (or others depending on rites and other mystery schools ), they are constantly told they were previously deceived for their own good while new and even contradictory knowledge is taught.
The rule is obviously one sided because the lower levels are not lied to about the consequences for them if they break their oath.
When the 33ยบ degrees realize that they are still under another hierarchy, their power to get out is less than before they even began.

Bill Cooper had the masons exposed countless times with transparency, courage and determination , many times he used their own words, as he did in this radio broadcast before he was murdered:


You can find 40+ hours of the Mystery Babylon collection at this link:


But it seems that even then it is possible to return and repent with God's help and a heavy compromise.

But the consequences for breaking a masonic oath include the death penalty, penalties worst than death, economic and social framing for them and family members or loved ones.

As far as I can see, God (the God of truth, equity and life) sees those contracts as invalid, but the mystery schools hierarchy and their luciferian and gnostic "gods" think differently.

Their members are not supposed to lie to those above them, only to those below them.

Needless to say, a contract that is signed with submissive ignorance increases the fear and confusion of the initiated, and any sequence of mysteries unveiled or amount of knowledge will not include freedom, rather than upholding life, freedom as conditional of life, will be compromised, wisdom in this situation is hardly attainable if at all.

Fernando Tognola
Geneva Switzerland

BBC: "Norway 'al-Qaeda' bomb plot: Three arrested in Oslo

Terror suspect held on US warrant
Norway country profile
Three people have been arrested in Norway on suspicion of preparing terrorist attacks.

Unnamed Norwegian and US officials told the Associated Press that the men were members of al-Qaeda and had been under surveillance for a year.

They said it was not clear whether the men had selected a target, but they were attempting to make peroxide bombs.

The BBC's security corresn ....."..

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