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911 truth Switzerland : School shooting massacre of children in Connecticut, prediction and the satanic ritual conspiracy
2012/12/15 16:50:00

*update on a rumor that the massacre was staged and nobody died, I doubt it, in any case, this would be surprising because the rituals do use real children, and if a Psy-Op had no victims and only actors, a ritual where grief and shock of the world audience is still there. Also disinformation (intentional)and misinformation(unintentional) have been known to divert the true or principal objective in a conspiracy.

*update video

Piers Morgan Gets OWNED By Ben Shapiro
Piers Morgan flaming americans refering to their national Constitution as "your little book"

Coincidences are beyond chance, even secular prosecutors will be shocked, from trivial to bizarre incriminating evidence encompassing broad levels of complicity, including apparently unfortunate coincidences such as the cameras installed at the school shortly before the horrors.
I already give this away, the door, and the cameras are the key.

Yet this may be even worst than simple stupidity and power greed, this is within the week of the kidnapping and sacrifice preparation of Dec. 21 St. Thomas Day yearly Illuminati fire festival, the great Sabbat.

This, in other words, may be your personal invitation to the ritual sacrifice of children, today made possible as a snuff reality show. But take heed, God is not mocked.
while this article which is being worked at, and should be online soon ( update, availeble here
)including proof and evidence of: mind control, foreknowledge on high UN, mainstream media and US authorities as well as involvement in ritual sacrifice for this date. Some sensitive information will be available after tomorrow the 15th, or the 16th the latest, this to take measures to protect myself, even in safe Switzerland.

Who are these freemasons?
Link to article with an overview audio by Bill Cooper:

b draft current

For a precedent please also read the article:


This is the second real-life tear-jerk political pornography episode in 2 days in the US.

CNN's Piers Morgan, who took over after the retirement of Mr. Larry King, has been heavily invested on one sided propaganda against the right to bear arms in the United States, their second constitutional amendment.
Since the begining of the week Mr Morgan seemed particularly pushy on one sided diatribes more commonly expected in used cars sales than in even high-school gossip level journalism, that even a couple of days prior to yesterday's shopping-mall rampage shooting.

After the shopping-mall shooting, and hearing a response in favor of the second amendment, Piers short interruptions were met with insistence on finishing answering the question, and Piers ended up screaming at a reasonable line of argument something not more cordial than "Shut up!!!! ...Its my show!!!", and proceeding to interview the person on his own side of the issue, with an appearance of cordiality and decency well restored.

Videos, websites, murdered whistleblowers, unearthed books, banned documents, presentations, movies, even miracles will not wake us up. Whats left?
Perhaps back to basics, Faith as our shield and the Word as our sword:

"But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea"

KJB Matt 18:6

The Oslo shooting massacre didn't have much of a rabble ramble debate because guns are controlled.
This begs the question, why should someone acquire a weapon legally to kill someone illegally (assuming killing people is stillillegal in your country).

The argument is that it makes it easier, that I am not sure, what I am sure of though is that all this is the surface, policy making, mind control, and something spooky is broadly behind.

Preemptive mental diagnostics for all? Back to the Nazi days when the Swiss infamous Dr Ernst Rudin was asked for advice, and followed to the letter preemptive killing of potential carriers of "mental" disease.

Rudin danced to the tune of friends still pulling strings behind the Mental Health Associations where you can pick up breadcrumbs all the way to unaccountable beasts at the U.N., W.H.O., UNESCO, and of-course the CIA and MI5/6.

The first suspect "body" name has not been revealed, the second suspect was 24 Ryan Lanza who followed the usual program to kill himself ( read article on Denver Cinema shooting) hypnotized? but, was he part of a cult? was he in contact with DHS or CIA?, these are pressing urgent questions that will fade away in only a few days for things will get worst and this might dim into the background, as all those killed daily in Mexico.

And make no mistake, the focus on Mexico is only waiting for a ripe time to focus, in the form of the last cap stone, when that allegorical Egyptian flying pyramid lands on the flat top of the Mexican pyramid as illustrated on the dollar bill.

Geneva Switzerland
Fernando Tognola

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