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911 truth Switzerland : Whitney Houston conspiracy theory, ritual sacrifice coverup
2012/8/4 18:10:00
911 truth Switzerland

"...February made me shiver
With every paper I'd deliver
Bad news on the doorstep
I couldn't take one more step
I can't remember if I cried
When I read about his widowed bride
But something touched me deep inside
The day the music died..."
Don McLean - American Pie

Was Whitney Houston murdered? Perhaps not, I begin to suspect that this is much bigger than we can understand at present, reminds me of Scripture:

"Woe unto the world because of offenses! for it must needs be that offenses come; but woe to that man by whom the offense comes!"Matthew 18:7

If there is a crime then this is a deep problem, one that might involve mind control, triggers and programs and without anyone coming forward from the inside to denounce this, it is just speculation, but hopefully some words put pressure on all of us to keep transparency.
The role of the alternative media in matters of justice is maybe only containment.
The following suspicions that speculate on the occult and possible ritual murder.

Hopefully this is not part of an operation of mass population shock and mind control, for it has all the marks , timing, and potential to politicize and shape public opinion.

This event should be treated as a crime scene at least on that point, and perhaps give us the circus they gave with Michael Jackson live hearings, and they*1, rest assured, they will entertain you to worship the moving images shown by their priesthood.

Whitney Houston iconic blond hair at far right, 1995 Illuminati Card Game at center, on the left Egyptian singer, diva Nehmes Bastet tomb unearthed on 1/9 2012

This is not to force a conspiracy where there is none, rest assured, even in the unlikely event of a natural death, Hollywood is well known for murder conspiracies and coincidences more astounding than those found in even their own films about the oldest conspiracy of all, the conspiracy (theory?) of that old serpent.

It is not that the Illuminati *1 want these redundancies evidenced, yet they try to predict them and use them in every possible wicked way, but when dealing with the occult, as we were warned: every time they bite a foot, they get themselves a head crushed.

We should not dwell into the occult and rather focus on what matters in this dense, stable and squared reality, but depending on the person and intention, it is important to know the ways of wickedness without allowing to becoming what we are fighting against.

This is usually viewed as crazy speculation until the whole picture is revealed according to better understanding of how the spiritual realm works.
But the people and witches who attended the blood and sodomy rituals of the night of Hecate and anniversary of the beginning of the Mayan calendar the night of August 13 2009, had no clue that 911 days after that, Whitney Houston was going to die.

But they knew (or at least believe) that the principalities that make wicked covenants with them work with geometrical alignments and astrology to gather energy peaks and cast spells. This is usually evident on hindsight and they are then terrified that they were not just playing a game.

Even the Illuminati card game seems to have backfired and has them in this well predicted situation:

illuminati card

More about the Illuminati game after. But in this interview Whitney says things that are simply not ok for Travistok and Stanford multi(trillion?)billion dollars mind control agendas if the conclusions of John Coleman are true *1.

For those who seem to know the depths of the conspiracy, and the true horrors that follow the broken covenants with the other side , she speaks too much by example, and mentions the True Gospel, and the need for true love twice in an interview before her death.

The Illuminati do not want a Christian revival unless it is controlled by them, this can be seen historically and even prophetically in the masonic war against the Catholic Church *7 even today.
Our children and teenagers' healthy will power and drive need to be broken by the new world ideas on "freedom", which promote uncensored internet if it includes hardcore gore, snuff and porn*2 just a click away for these vulnerable souls.
Or else a 2 channel TV style censorship (with its subtle perversion of true values anyway)

Because it is this younger generation that is tired of nonsensical dogmas within atheism ,naturalism, nihilism, or new age spiritualism inconsistent with their experiences of a reality full of compromises:

It is this younger generation that can understand the abstraction of fragmented souls and thinking due to sin by analogy of fragmented computer drives due to excess on storage and lazy lack of maintenance and cleansing on the computer, and understanding that these influences can come from without through wireless connections and remote desktops.
This generation is a threat to the Luciferian agenda cloaks within the Freemasons, New age and radical Christianity, and they can better understand demonic influences as they would understand unwanted bullying in their mobile phones as a group force against them, attacked by beings but not ghosts "inside the phone".

Perhaps even understanding soul energy*6 , in contradiction to their natural science textbooks, pressured by fearful teachers increasingly intolerant to true doctrine (and unemployment).

Why not even consider that simply, in the beginning was(already) the Word and the word was with God and the word was God?

Otherwise this is the experience of hell, already abandoned all hope, stoicism and scientific open-mindedness seems more confusing and conflicting than any self evident truth, and give death and no fruit because of that original pride.

The Illuminati, Freemasons or any man who perceive the heaviness of the cost of sin or lost in bondage to recurrent sin ( perceived addiction), simply do not want such revival in truth and courage, within or without.

But true hope, charity and mercy exist despite such heaviness if an honest decision to turn and face our miserable truth is made. We need to get in to get out.

Whitney Houston soberly warns teenagers about the dark trends of the kind of Lady Gaga, perhaps referring specifically about her but unable to state it.
Regardless, whatever covenant she did not openly break, she most certainly broke it by what, rather than who she mentions.

Not to discourage, but there are hazards in blowing the whistle on a Satanic Conspiracy:

If we are not well informed (in truth and events), and a murder of Whitney Houston is allowed to be considered as a talking point, even pointing to an "anti-Christ" as the enemy, this, believe it or not, could be a blow against true Christianity, precipitating and forcing religion into this world politics even before the Gospel, which is spiritual, had been delivered to every human being.

But with just a few brave-hearts and very few insiders compromising for mercy and turning to God, it looks still like a checkmate situation:

Most people who are starting to realize that the conspiracy is anti-christian are quick to fall into christian deceptions and radicalized blueprints for the new world government agenda, lambs that speak like dragons.

There is much redundancy in the Illuminati card titled Recording Industry to disregard in light of all the other Illuminati Card predictions*3, consider for instance the numbers and date of the events, the African-american features and similarity to Whitney, combined with her iconic blond hair in a few promotional singles.

Some of us will not easily discern from her from being a member in the Illuminati or coerced by the Illuminati.

Some of us will not know with certainty whether the Illuminati card game is incriminating evidence of fore-knowledge, shapes in clouds or simple coincidence, nor tell the All Seeing Eye of the Providence from Nimrod's corruption and counterfeit of Enoch blessings, or whether premonition backfired onto witchcraft itself, or the cards a hoax, etc...
But not knowing that is OK, perhaps even prudent as long as we bear true witness of the facts surrounding the event of the death of Whitney Houston, and murdered whistle blowers on 9/11, NATO, Hollywood, mainstream media etc.

Some others with knowledge in the occult will fear her as the reincarnation of the Egyptian diva singer Nehmes Bastet, found just a few weeks ago in the Valley of the Kings in a tomb crafted in likeness to Whitney, without considering that even if they do not err, there may be infinite mercy and during 3000 years, where time and knowing is relative to variables unknown maybe some curses have run its course already.
I consider at least some of the timely bountiful coincidences as being planted or planned to steer core beliefs and antagonize groups to control them.
It would hardly be the first time that that fox messes the truth up to hide genuine miracles and fake some in turn. I expect that what turns out to be is a combination of all, as history and Scripture have recorded countless times.

Isn't it about time, since the Pharisees and Rome white-washed the Resurrection with their vulgar Merovingian soap-opera , that the rulers of this world look up and see how far they are falling? All those who even then, jump-dived off Jacob's ladder's base, for all of us I pray for mercy.

But most of you who understood at least some of the above will understand Whitney Houston's message from her true heart, when she sang the Gospel of Jesus Christ, that we love one another.



No one could take away your dignity

Rest In Peace
Wihtney Houston.
May God multiply her grace and give her the love and joy she gave us exceedingly...

Fernando Tognola

*note links may not work while the website is undergoing reparations

*1 Who is they? Not much has changed since the 90s, the think tanks are powerful tanks but slow:
The Conspirators Hierarchy

*2 witchcraft and porn

*3 Illuminati card predictions fulfilled

*4 The Mormons, Jehovah's Witness
and watch tower masons.

*5 Ron Paul, the Nazis and the right wing.

*6 Handle information relating to soul energy with great care, the context was meant strictly from a Christian point of view exhorting a humble return to God, and how science, and even occult sciences confirm things that scripture has shown all along; this should be an encouragement to family union, commitment and even chastity as opposed to to the twisted conclusions of those who studied it with different names: Libidinal energy to Freud, serpentine to Jung, orgon to Reich, but these three were taken by what I believe is a dumb and unclean spirit, and it brought some of the worst evil curses that may be even yet to come unless a Holy spirit is adopted.

*7 The Catholic Church has for long been the victim and once taken hostage, often instead of being defended by Christians they have been deceived by impatience, confusion, lazy orthodoxy and ignorance, this audio interview is perhaps the most significant defending the Church despite her serious wounds:
Although I am not a traditionalist, I am just a Catholic that sympathizes with many points made by traditionalists as well as those made by members of many other religions.

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