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911 truth Switzerland : Lady Gaga Illuminati
2010/1/10 9:00:00

<1995 Illuminati card

1995 Illuminati card, 2011 Lady Gaga video Bad Romance

"Jacques De Molay, thou art avenged!") Professor Glynn lectured his class on medieval history (Dean Deane was issuing the Strawberry Statement on the same campus at the same time) and said, "The real crime of the Templars, however, was probably their association. with the Hashishim." George Dorn, hardly listening, wondered if he should join Mark Rudd and the others who wanted to close down Columbia entirely.

" And modern novels are the same," Smiling Jim went on. "Sex, sex, sex— and not normal sex even.
Every type of perverted, degenerate, unnatural, filthy, deviated, and sick kind of sex. This is how they're gonna bury us, as Mr. Khruschchev said, without even firing a shot

from Illuminatus! Trilogy
Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson 1975*

1995 Illuminati card, 2011 Lady Gaga video Bad Romance, 

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The wierd turn pro 1995 Illuminati card. Lady Gaga wearing a headpiece,

We are under such a spell, so close that we cannot see it,
these devils are behind The Law of Aleister Crowley, and the seed of these luciferian teachings established a secret world military theocracy. 

Steve Jackson's Illuminati game is not really a game.

We had been warned,

  And modern novels are the same," Smiling Jim went on. "Sex, sex, sex— and not normal sex even."
Note that the above quote is from the 70s, there was no internet, there was not even such thing as porn video tapes back then.

Watch out for the Illuminati wild cards under the sleeve, like the Hoax card

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It is very tempting in moments of fear to be selfish, to idle and to wait for that decision to turn our own lives around on what appears to be a frank anti-Christian assault on humanity. 

There is just way too much information to be able to unlock that key smoking gun case to be convinced of the truth, (as if free fall speed scyscrapers were not enough):

the Illuminati card game by Steve Jackson Games for example and most of the information from where it is gathered is fascinating but somewhat vague. 

You can find a lot of Illuminati stuff on this link,
scroll down to the section from the Illuminati for the Illuminati:

God bless you and yours,
Fernando Tognola


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