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911 truth Switzerland : The list of researchers and whistleblowers murdered grows
2010/8/14 21:30:00
911 truth Switzerland

CAUTION: Without a reasonable understanding of the victim's work and circumstances a natural death or murder can be used for deception.

The assassination of a human being causes an emotional shock that tends to alter objectivity and reasonable doubt.

A disinformation agent or an honest mistaken researcher can be killed to boost the credibility of a mistaken view or lie, to distract perception or to shift the focus away from the real motive of the assassination (usually relative to the amount of "known" controversy or closer to the time of death.)

But even in those cases It is possible see recurrent and rather specific issues that lead to probable cause and that need to be protected from exposure by those responsible, currently being investigated:
The the command of top Q level (above top secret) of : Druid councils, secret cells within the Rosicrucians, Freemasons, U.N. , NATO, and many other cloaks and guises of the Illuminati.

The connection to 9/11 and the agenda behind may not be obvious at first, and the list is speculative, non conclusive.

Listening again to their loud silence:
*this list is non conclusive and remains speculative, several updates after published:


Vytautas Pociunas (R.I.P.)
Lithuanian secret service agent investigating CIA's secret
prisons and torture in eastern Europe.

Danny Jowenko (R.I.P.)
Controlled Demolition Expert

Philip Marshall (R.I.P.)
9/11 investigative author and his children were killed in a "black ops hit" by the CIA

John O'Neil (R.I.P.)
FBI defector Killed on September 11 2001

Kenneth Johannemann (R.I.P.)

Christopher Landis (R.I.P.)

Wendy Burlingame (R.I.P.)

Salvatore Princiotta (R.I.P.)

Barry Jennings (R.I.P.)

Hunter S. Thompson (R.I.P.)

Michael H. Doran (R.I.P.)

Paul Wellstone (R.I.P.)
As in Beverly Eckert, Michael H. Doran, and many others, using E.L.F. electro acustic low frequency weaponry his aircraft was shot down.

Beverly Eckert (R.I.P.)
Flight 3407 "I've chosen to go to court rather than accept a payoff from the 9/11 victims compensation fund. Instead, I want to know what went so wrong with our intelligence and security systems..."

Also killed in flight 3407 included human rights activist

Alison L. Des Forges (R.I.P.)
and three demolition experts (contradicting the official 9-11 conspiracy story) scheduled to be on the Continental Connection Flight then heading to the Chicago 9-11 investigators.

If you have experience flying with even the lowest recreational VFR training, it will be clear: Given that when a plane stalls the thing to do is to push the nose down, here the pilot allegedly pulls way up as if a crazy monkey in the cockpit took over the controls,in the following NTSB clip:

...don't buy,
this would be like explaining that a professional driver crashed approaching a curve because when he wanted to turn left he proceeded to turn all the way right into a wall.

Audio, researcher Alex Constantine on flight 3407:

Victims of the broad conspiracy, of which 9/11 was just one operation:

Monica Petersen (R.I.P.) Assistant director at the Human Trafficking Center investigating pizzagate and Clinton's connections to the sex scandal in Haiti. Was Monica Petersen murdered? Probable cause, opportunity, motive, and circumstantial evidence are overwhelming.


Gary Caradori (R.I.P.) and his 6-year old son (R.I.P.).
He was chief investigator of the elite's pedophile ring of the Bohemian Grove and the Franklin scandal.

Troy Boner(R.I.P.)

Mark Lombardi (R.I.P.)

Dean Warwick (R.I.P.)
on 9/11 demolition, Bobby Kennedy assassination, abduction , ritual murder of children, and the shoot-down of
Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie.
(72 minutes, October 2006)
listen MP3
(use care with misinformation, most likely unintentional)

James Vincent Forrestal (R.I.P.) Secretary of Defense

Phil Schneider (R.I.P.)

Al Bielek discusses the mysterious life and death
of his friend Phil Schneider. MP3

Ron Rummel (R.I.P.)
Ron Rummel murdered for the disclosure periodicals.

Bill Cooper (R.I.P.)
Murdered november 5 2001(remember remember, the fifth of november?) for predicting 9/11 and other disclosures.

Stanley Kubrick (R.I.P)
Eyes wide shut movie occult symbolism

Eyes wide shut Kubrick´s film clues and probable cause for his murder.(pdf)

John Todd (R.I.P)

Danny Casolaro (R.I.P)
Exposed links and secrets between Iran-Contra, October Surprise, Project Promise software , Area 51 and the closure of BCCI.

Ron Johnson (R.I.P.)
MUFON's Deputy Director of Investigations. Murdered after secret NATO meetings about ETs and UFOs .

Karla Turner (R.I.P.)
Writter and UFO ET abduction investigator, murdered after holding that aliens attempt to pass as angels (perhaps the reality being fallen angels passing as angels).

Deck Slayton (R.I.P.)
Astronaut, killed for disclosing UFO, ELF cancer producing weapons might have been the real cause as many sudden fast cancer deaths on UFO researchers.

Michael Ruppert (R.I.P.)

On the Belgium Marc Dutroux case uncovering complicity of high level officials in the murder, rape and torture of children for perverse rituals, snuff, and blackmail, if the link to 9/11 is inderect but the core remains high level satanism:

Jose Steppe (R.I.P.)

Jean-Paul Taminiau (R.I.P.)

Francois Reyskens (R.I.P.)

Chris van der Werken (R.I.P.)

Simon Poncelet (R.I.P.)

Anna Konjevoda (R.I.P.)

Gina Pardaens-Bernaer (R.I.P.)

Fabienne Jaupart (R.I.P.)

Grégory Antipine (R.I.P.)

Jean-Jacques Feront (R.I.P.)

I am perhaps causing unfair grief and suspicion in cases where error, detraction or negligence may exist, so please deduce and investigate on your own responsibility: regardless, may all rest in peace, if you want someone included or excluded please explain to,

info(please type the @ yourself )911truth.ch

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