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911 truth Switzerland : Bill Cooper Mystery Babylon bibliography pdf books and downloads
2010/4/12 22:30:00

These are some of the must read books ( after the audio files) recomended in the
Mystery Babylon series by William Cooper
available as pdf for free download and other relevant downloads

Radio broadcasts audio files ( to download and keep these files on your computer right click on the link and then choose the option to save link or target as... from the drop-down menu):

*note, while this website undergoes changes, pdf files will not be available when copyright may be infringed.






The Lost Light - Part 1.mp3
The Lost Light - Part 2.mp3
The Lost Light - Part 3.mp3
The Lost Light - Part 4.mp3
The Lost Light - Part 5.mp3

Bill Cooper - British Israel and Christian Identity Jan '98.mp3

right click on the link and choose save as...
to download the files (some listed files will be available
as soon as found, if you know a url of a freely available copy
please email to the robot protected address found by scrolling down to Switzerland
at the 911truth.org g.r. contact list at this link http://www.911truth.org/page.php?page=grassroots_contactsl):

Born in Blood: The Lost Secrets of Freemasonry pdf
By John J. Robinson

The Templar's Chart, Or Hieroglyphic Monitor pdf
By Jeremy Ladd Cros

OF 300
Dr. John Coleman
(1991 but still today one of the most revealing and banned)

Freemasonry of the Ancient Egyptians pdf
To which is Added an Interpretation of the
Crata Repoa Initiation Rite & the Initiation of Plato
By Manly P Hall

The Unseen Hand pdf
By A. Ralph Epperson

The Dead Sea Scrolls Deception pdf
By Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh

Time Bomb pdf
By Emanuel A. Piller

*important note: do not confuse with the title "America's assignment with destiny " also by Manly Palmer Hall, which is perhaps even more important and the confusing title seems almost intentional.
In the Mystery Babylon transcripts there is a good portion of it starting at page 197:

Mystery Babylon Transcripts pdf

Books about topics covered by William Cooper:

Union Jack .pdf
British Israelism
Helen Peters

Cooper mentions also:

Words in red Holly Bible .pdf

The secret teachings of all ages by Manley P-Hall pdf

Bill Cooper wrotte:
Behold a Pale Horse pdf zip file

Of interest

Meant from the Illuminati to the Illuminati,

if seen by the sheeple, the Illuminati think we don't read, and it is meant, if anything as confusion and "mutual assured distraction", the books and their own conversations are similar, quite coded in pseudo intellectualism and sophistication , absurd creativity, insolence, pride, and self-loathing.
They somehow think that cheating is a virtue.

The Illuminatus! trilogy by Wilson Robert Anton and Robert Shea .pdf
* attention, this book is built from an agnostic stand, therefore confusing and prone to distract through clues, perhaps not intended but it is clear the author wants to sell the Illuminati Issue as sophisticated and interesting. But this site is not entertainment, please consider reading from Fritz Springmeier FIRST if you want to hear the truth with no punches pulled.

The Illuminati NWO cards were released in 1995 by Steve Jackson Games
Wether the Steve Jackson Game Illuminati is predictive programming or a genuine leak, then it is not a game and I rather refer you to what appears to be one of the source from which the game is based,


The Illuminatus! trilogy by Wilson Robert Anton_Shea-robert.pdf

you can also download (right click and save ):

Gurps Illuminati card game, the book

INWO Illuminati card game, the book

The actual Illuminati card game Illuminati_-_The_Game_Of_Conspiracy_(Deluxe_Edition)


Morals and Dogma, 33º Albert Pike

(Pike's explanation of Luciferian doctrine to those after the highest degree)TITLES OF DEGREES
1º - Apprentice2º - Fellow-craft3º - Master4º - Secret Master5º - Perfect Master6º - Intimate Secretary7º - Provost and Judge8º - Intendant of the Building9º - Elu of the Nine10º - Elu of the Fifteen11º - Elu of the Twelve12º - Master Architect13º - Royal Arch of Solomon14º - Perfect Elu15º - Knight of the East16º - Prince of Jerusalem17º - Knight of the East and West18º - Knight Rose Croix19º - Pontiff20º - Master of the Symbolic Lodge21º - Noachite or Prussian Knight22º - Knight of the Royal Axe or Prince of Libanus23º - Chief of the Tabernacle24º - Prince of the Tabernacle25º - Knight of the Brazen Serpent26º - Prince of Mercy27º - Knight Commander of the Temple28º - Knight of the Sun or Prince Adept29º - Scottish Knight of St. Andrew30º - Knight Kadosh31º - Inspector Inquistor32º - Master of the Royal Secret

(offered free under Swiss constitutional guarantee of the dissemination of information Title 2 Art 16 .1 .2 and .3, respectful of private property right
laws vs copyright laws when a repressive effect on matters of urgent public concern may exist.)
These copies were made available for free from google.com and scribd.com databases,
Constitution de la Confédération suisse
ITitre 2 ch1 -.3 Toute personne a le droit de recevoir librement des informations, de se les procurer aux sources généralement accessibles et de les diffuser.
Swiss Federation Constitution ITitre 2 ch1 -.3 Citizens have the right to receive and gather information freely from generally accsessible sources and to diffuse them.
This is a digital copy of a book that was preserved for generations on library shelves before it was carefully scanned by Google as part of a project to make the world’s books discoverable online.
It has survived long enough for the copyright to expire and the book to enter the public domain. A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired. Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country. Public domain books are our gateways to the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge that’s often difficult to discover.Marks, notations and other marginalia present in the original volume will appear in this file - a reminder of this book’s long journey from the publisher to a library and finally to you.
Usage guidelines
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public and we are merely their custodians. Nevertheless, this work is expensive, so in order to keep providing this resource, we have taken steps to
prevent abuse by commercial parties, including placing technical restrictions on automated querying.
We also ask that you:
+ Make non-commercial use of the files We designed Google Book Search for use by individuals, and we request that you use these files for
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+ Refrain from automated querying Do not send automated queries of any sort to Google’s system: If you are conducting research on machine
translation, optical character recognition or other areas where access to a large amount of text is helpful, please contact us. We encourage the
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+ Maintain attribution The Google “watermark” you see on each file is essential for informing people about this project and helping them find
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+ Keep it legal Whatever your use, remember that you are responsible for ensuring that what you are doing is legal. Do not assume that just
because we believe a book is in the public domain for users in the United States, that the work is also in the public domain for users in other
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any specific book is allowed. Please do not assume that a book’s appearance in Google Book Search means it can be used in any manner
anywhere in the world. Copyright infringement liability can be quite severe.

Complete Bibliography from Mystery Babylon Series (17) Milton William (Bill) Cooper; Hour of The Time: Behold a pale horse by Milton William Cooper The True Masonic Chart, Or Hieroglyphic Monitor: Containing All the Emblems
Explained. To which are Added Illustrations, Charges, Songs, with Additions and
Emendations; Also a History of Freemasonry,
by A Brother, By Jeremy Ladd Cross
Occult Geometry and Hermetic Science of Motion and Number
By A. S. Raleigh
Published by Devorss & Co, 1991
ISBN 0875166393, 9780875166391
Celestial Symbols: Symbolism in Doctrine, Religious Traditions, and Temple
By Allen H. Barber
Published by Horizon Publishers & Distributors, 1989
ISBN 0882903446, 9780882903446
Many Moons: The Myth and Magic, Fact and Fantasy of Our Nearest Heavenly Body
By Diana Brueton
Published by Prentice Hall Press, 1991
ISBN 0135533554, 9780135533550
Our Ageless Constitution
By W. David Stedman, LaVaughn G. Lewis
Published by Natl Book Network, 1987
ISBN 0937047015, 9780937047019
The Masks of God: Primitive Mythology
by Joseph Campbell
Published by Penguin Books
The Masks of God: Occidental Mythology
by Joseph Campbell
Published by Penguin Books
The Masks of God: Creative Mythology
by Joseph Campbell
Published by Penguin Books
The Sacred and the Profane: The Nature of Religion
By Mircea Eliade, Willard Trask
Published by Harcourt Trade, 1987
ISBN 015679201X, 9780156792011
(Read in that order)
Holy Blood, Holy Grail: The Secret History of Jesus, the Shocking Legacy of the
By Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh, Henry Lincoln
Edition: illustrated
The Messianic Legacy By Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh, Henry Lincoln
Edition: illustrated Published by Arrow, 1996 ISBN 0099664216, 9780099664215 The Temple and the Lodge
By Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh
Edition: reprint, illustrated
Published by Arcade Publishing, 1991
ISBN 1559701269, 9781559701266
The Dead Sea Scrolls Deception: The Explosive Contents of the Dead Sea Scrolls and
How the Church Conspired to Suppress Them
By Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh
Edition: reprint, illustrated
Published by Simon and Schuster, 1993
ISBN 0671797972, 9780671797973
Julius Caesar
By Michael Grant
Published by McGraw-Hill, 1969
Born in Blood: The Lost Secrets of Freemasonry
By John J. Robinson
Published by M. Evans & Co., 1989
ISBN 0871316021, 9780871316028
Dungeon, Fire and Sword: The Knights Templar in the Crusades
By John J. Robinson
Published by M. Evans & Company, Incorporated, 2009 (updated)
ISBN 1590771427, 9781590771426
The Future of Man
By Robert Klark Graham
Edition: illustrated
Published by Christopher Pub. House, 1970
A History of Mathematics
By Carl B. Boyer
Edition: illustrated, reprint
Published by Princeton University Press, 1985
ISBN 0691023913, 9780691023915 (2nd ed.forward by Isaac Asimov by Wiley publisher)
Understanding the Dead Sea Scrolls: A Reader from the Biblical Archaeology Review
By Hershel Shanks
Edition: illustrated, reprint
Published by Vintage Books, 1993
ISBN 0679744452, 9780679744450 (Random house publisher)
Pagans and Christians
By Robin Lane Fox
Edition: reprint
Published by HarperSanFrancisco, 1988
Original from Indiana University
ISBN 0060628529, 9780060628529 (Knoff publisher)
Preparing for the Twenty-first Century
By Paul M. Kennedy
Edition: reprint, illustrated
Published by Vintage Books, 1994
ISBN 0679747052, 9780679747055 (Random house) Proofs of a Conspiracy
By John Robison A M
Published by Forgotten Books, 1994
ISBN 1606201018, 9781606201015 (1798, re-printed by Americanist classics)
(published by Western Islands Boston & Los Angeles)
Time Bomb
By Emanuel A. Piller
Published by Arco, 1945
Original from the University of Michigan
New World Order: The Ancient Plan of Secret Societies
By William T. Still
Edition: illustrated
Published by Huntington House Publishers, 1990
ISBN 0910311641, 9780910311649
En Route to Global Occupation
By Gary Kah, Gary H. Kah
Published by Huntington House Publishers, 1991
ISBN 0910311978, 9780910311977
Dark Majesty: The Secret Brotherhood and the Magic of a Thousand Points of Light
By Texe Marrs
Edition: illustrated
Published by Living Truth Publishers, 1992
ISBN 0962008672, 9780962008672
Satanic Voices
By David Musa Pidcock
Published by Mustaqim, Islamic Art and Literature, 1992
ISBN 1871012031, 9781871012033
The Unseen Hand: An Introduction to the Conspiratorial View of History
By A. Ralph Epperson
Edition: illustrated
Published by Publius, 1985
ISBN 0961413506, 9780961413507
The New World Order
By A. Ralph Epperson, Epperson
Published by Bloomfield Books [distributor], 1990
ISBN 0961413514, 9780961413514
Freemasonry of the Ancient Egyptians: To which is Added an Interpretation of the
Crata Repoa Initiation Rite & the Initiation of Plato
By Manly Palmer Hall
Edition: 2
Published by The Philosophical Research Society, Inc., 1952
The Lost Keys of Freemasonry: Or, the Secret of Hiram Abiff.
By Manly P. Hall, J. Augustus Knapp
Illustrated by J. Augustus Knapp
Edition: illustrated
Published by Philosophical Research Society, Incorporated, 1976
ISBN 0893148385, 9780893148386
Miltom William (Bill) Cooper, Mystery Babylon - (17) Bibliography
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